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Did you know that up to 75% of a non-profit’s donations for the year are received during Giving Season? As people new to the non-profit world, it’s something that we’ve learned pretty quickly! Giving season runs from Giving Tuesday (November 29th) until the end of the year.  We launched Good Cat Network about two weeks before Giving Tuesday last year. We were delighted to receive about 16K in donations during those four short Giving Season weeks, which helped us launch our ambitious efforts as we navigated the early days operating our Operation Aloha Cat flight program. Our operating budget this

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Flame was rescued by a fisherman at Mala Wharf in Lahaina in 2017. He was a tiny flame-point Siamese kitten, around 4 weeks old, visibly sick and starving, wandering around the dumpsters. He was taken to Maui Homeward Bound, a non-profit animal rescue organization in Napili, Maui, founded by Melody Law. For five years, Flame was fostered at Melody’s home and eventually became a foster dad to all of the other rescue kittens that came through the organization.   Flame’s calm and friendly demeanor won over all who met him. He taught many foster kittens to be cuddly lap cats after bring

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A Good Cat Network Rescue Story Featured on Cheezburger! Pepe & Penelope

By Amber Naramore In early August, Adam was returning home from a trip flying all night. He checked the Good Cat Network Facebook community group at 6am and saw a kitten posted who needed immediate help. One of his eyes was horribly infected. He met rescuers Nathan and Lily and took the tiny black and white kitten home to me to care for. Adam noticed the kitten had a white stripe running down his back, so he named him Pepe, after the Warner Bros. cartoon character “Pepe le Pew.”  Pepe was approximately a 6 week old kitten who was flea

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My reflection on Good Cat Network’s first year

By Darlene Rayhill For me, the introvert who fully embraced the pandemic-imposed social restrictions because it meant I could spend more time alone with my cats, the last thing I thought I would be starting a non-profit during the pandemic, where I have to spend so much of my day interacting with humans. What’s worse, is spending time interacting with humans in the form of recorded video or podcasts. The first time I had to do that for Good Cat Network, the video crew and I happened to be next to a public restroom at a beach park. Someone happened

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good cat network press release 11/15/22

GOOD CAT NETWORK FLIES 340 HAWAIʻI CATS TO WASHINGTON STATE FOR ADOPTION IN FIRST YEAR OF OPERATION   Young non-profit makes strides in the rescue world on shoestring budget and small team of volunteers with its Operation Aloha Cat program. Posted on November 15, 2022, Maui, Hawaiʻi Good Cat Network, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization operating on the island of Maui, has flown 340 cats to their transfer rescue partners in the Pacific Northwest via a partnership with Aloha Air Cargo in its first year of operation. Since November 2021, bi-monthly cargo flights have flown an average of 14 cats per

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