About Good Cat Network

After over a decade of rescuing, fostering and caring for animals in whatever country she found herself in, Amber recognized the need to build a network of fellow big-hearted cat people on the island of Maui. She started a Facebook group in 2019 and the network grew quickly! Meanwhile, Darlene was managing her own backyard cat colony and was already well versed in the concept of TNRM, cat-socialization and fostering. Through the network, she connected with Amber and the two became fast friends. Deb, who lives in Chicago with her own rescue cats, has been coming to Maui to visit Darlene and Kent and kindly offered financial help as Darlene’s “clowder” was rapidly growing. Darlene suggested starting a non-profit where they could help more cats, on a larger scale. Meanwhile, Amber and her husband Adam were already planning to start a non-profit because they were devoting their lives to rescue. Any time Adam wasn’t flying a plane he and Amber were off rescuing cats and dogs and helping others get their cats spayed and neutered. Adam had the brilliant idea of flying adoptable cats off the very cat-crowded island to shelters on the West Coast. A couple of Zoom meetings later, it was decided that combining efforts was an awesome idea and Good Cat Network was born!

Amber // Co-Founder

I have loved cats since I first formed memories. I named my first cat Cutie when I was four, who later became Coco. Besides loving cats, which is nearly a full-time job, I enjoy learning about other countries and cultures. While teaching music internationally, I fostered and rescued many cats, and adopted Neo from Dubai and Joma from Vietnam. My non-cat-related activities include creating herbal concoctions, singing art songs and opera arias, and discovering tasty new vegan pizzas.

I’m passionate about TNRM (Trap Neuter Return Manage) and educating others on how to care for colony cats. I hope to encourage more people to get involved in rescue work in whatever way they can.

My favorite thing about cats is their ability to communicate their moods in a variety of ways, from a downward facing cat stretch (I’m comfortable around you) to a head butt (you’re mine.)

Darlene // Co-Founder, Executive Director

I have been obsessed with animals as far back as I can remember. I had an ongoing list of all of my pets in my diary that at one point hit the 200 mark (diligently counting my fish’s babies and rescued tadpoles.) Tara was my first cat, and I treated her like my sibling. We did everything together, whether or not she was in the mood! I was probably the youngest subscriber to Cat Fancy magazine and would cut out articles and hang them on my wall. When my husband Kent and I moved to Maui ten years ago I started caring for a colony of beach cats and fell in love with a cat we named Miso, who became our official first cat together. Fast forward to today, with 14 cats and countless others we’ve crossed paths with, I am looking forward to the positive impact we can make with Good Cat Network.

When I am not taking care of my cats, I am a cinematographer and editor with my husband Kent for our video production company Ohana Films, renovating our Mid Century home, trying to cook healthy meals (but occasionally eating a bag of Funyuns,) and consuming a crapload of comedy.

Favorite cat things:
1. Slow blinking
2. Chattering at birds
3. Sandpaper kisses

Deb // Co-Founder

I’ve adored animals my whole life and have enjoyed the company of a wide array of pets (dogs, guinea pigs, birds, mice.) But when I adopted my first cat Inéz, I knew I had found my spirit animal. Cats are glamorous, unpredictable, hilarious, loving and endlessly fascinating. They’re the best.

When I’m not spoiling my current felines, I edit commercials and short films for a living, working on brands like Nintendo, Kelloggs and United HealthCare. I also love to travel and have visited many wonderful spots across the globe, from Scandinavia to Japan to Australia. I’m always planning my next trip in my head.

Favorite cat sounds:
1. Meow that turns into a yawn
2. Announcement chirps when jumping on couch/table/bed
3. Chomping on their lil claws

Adam – Pilot // Rescue Expert

Adam with Screwball (photo credit: Madelynne Lorraine)

I am a pilot for a local Hawai‘i cargo company and am thankful I get to blend my passion for animals with my passion for flying. I am married to Good Cat Network co-founder Amber and together we rescue cats and other animals in need on a regular basis. I was born in New Orleans and raised all over the country, mostly in Arizona and Las Vegas.

As a U.S. Marine Musician I was stationed in Hawai‘i and lived there several years until 2022, when Amber and I embarked on a new journey of ownership of an estate called Historic Brookside in Vermont. You can meet all of our rescues from all of over the world (from Dubai to Hawai’i) while you stay at our AirBNB!

I also served in the Hawai‘i National Guard as a drummer and helicopter pilot.

Kent – IT // Cat Dad to 14 

Kent, wearing his "Good Cat Have a Nice Spay" shirt (photo credit: the wife)

I used to be one of those “dogs are better, cats are too aloof” people. That all changed in my early 20s when I rescued a sweet adult cat. I brought her home to my dumpy Chicago apartment and after some exploring she climbed up on my chest, right by my face, and gripped me tightly to say “Thank you.” It is a moment I will never forget. I was officially a dog AND cat person from that point on.

When Darlene and I moved to Maui, in less than 15 seconds of walking up to our new front door we befriended a sweet stray we named Skunky. We had lived on Maui for less than 3 hours but our fate was sealed. Since that first day we have rescued, adopted and found homes for so many cats I can’t even count anymore. Oh yeah, and we also rescued the sweetest big Pit Bull (Staffordshire Terrier) who also happened to love (tolerate?) cats.

My day job is filmmaking with life and business partner, Darlene for our company Ohana Films but I’m excited to be a part of Good Cat Network by volunteering my time and supporting my wife.