As they say, “Teamwork makes the dream work,” and it could not be a truer statement for us. We have an amazing team of partners who make our dream, Operation Aloha Cat, work. The dream of saving cats has become a reality: 500+ cats have flown out of Hawai’i and into forever homes. We don’t take partnership lightly. We believe that it is a commitment to working together with integrity, accountability, equality, mission fulfillment and knowing that we will always be stronger together. It’s understanding that rescue is not a competition, rather, that we are all on the “Same Team.” It’s also recognizing compassion in the community and lifting up, educating and encouraging growth in others. We value our partners because they share these qualities and we know that their commitment to them helps the rescue community grow and compassion flourish.

Honi Honi Cats Maui // Foster Partner

Despite being a rescuer and animal-lover her whole life, Jennie really became known in the Maui cat-rescue community when she rescued a little kitten (only 2.9 ounces!) whom she named “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” AKA Alice in early 2022. We all followed along as Jennie posted updates of her progress and watched Alice grow into a beautiful little tiger tabby! Jennie foster-failed Alice (I mean, how could she not?) 

Through raising Alice, Jennie educated herself with all-things kitten and offered her knowledge to the community. She quickly became known as Maui’s very own “Kitten Lady,” through educating, fostering and coordinating the adoptions of kittens all over Maui.

She started to volunteer for Good Cat Network as our Foster Coordinator in August, 2022, but Jennie’s actual foster program was always much larger than what she had under the Good Cat umbrella. In early 2023, she realized her own dream: starting Honi Honi Cats Maui, her own 501(c)(3) for fostering.

Jennie and daughter Emily has been such an important part of not only our organization but Maui’s cat-community since the beginning. She’s compassionate, passionate, respectful, caring, and always going the extra mile for others.

Aloha Air Cargo // Airline Partner

Co-founder Amber’s husband, Adam, a cargo pilot, had the grand idea to “export”  cats to transfer partners out of Hawai’i via Aloha Air Cargo, who had a popular route to Seattle. He hit the ground running (or should we say, flying?) by meeting with the powers that be and securing our partnership just a mere months after finalizing our 501(c)(3) status. 

Aloha Air Cargo provides careful and compassionate cargo service to Good Cat Network from Maui to Seattle, WA, twice monthly. 

The planes are true cargo planes, meaning, these aren’t commuter planes where the cats are down “with the luggage.” Rather, our Good Cats are in their own temperature-controlled pod, all by themselves on a cargo plane. From our perspective, it’s pretty much First Class!

Transfer Partners // a.k.a. where we send our Good Cats

PAWS is people helping cats, dogs and wild animals go home and thrive – whether home is the family room or the forest.

We do this by rehabilitating orphaned and injured wildlife, sheltering and adopting homeless cats and dogs, and educating the community to inspire compassionate action for animals.

Seattle Humane has survived and thrived for over 125 years, always leading with compassion as we care for pets and the people who love them.

Our work will continue to strengthen the human-animal bond as we look ahead to our future of saving lives, completing families and keeping pets in loving homes.

The NOAH Center is dedicated to stopping the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable, and treatable homeless dogs and cats.

In partnership with over 65 shelters and organizations, more than 50,000 dogs and cats have received the second chance through a transfer to The NOAH Center for adoption.

Feline Friends of Sammamish // Seattle-Based Rescue Partner

Renee, the donor who gave Good Cat Network the donation that launched our first flight, also connected us with Feline Friends of Sammamish, a wonderful Washington State rescue on whom we’ve leaned many times. 

Max Pau, the founder of Feline Friends, has connected us with our Data Assistant Elisabeth, has found us a Seattle-based foster for our very special medical kitty, Pumpkin, and has arranged transportation for our Operation Aloha Cat flights when our transfer partners were short-staffed.

Max has agreed to be our boots-on-the-ground person in Seattle in case our Good Cats ever need him, and he’s always gone above and beyond for not only us but for everyone (and every cat) he meets. 


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