Donate to Good Cat Network
Donate Good Cat Network

Because of donors like you, Good Cat Network has flown over 811 Hawai’i cats to our transfer partners through our Operation Aloha Cat program! This not only compassionately controls the cat population, but helps protect Hawai’i’s fragile ecosystem.

What your donation will help us do:

  • Fund veterinary health-checks and purchase vaccinations to prepare cats for flights to our West Coast shelter partners via our Operation Aloha Cat program.
  • Buy more supplies for the Operation Aloha Cat Program such as large dog crates, cargo approved cat carriers, etc.
  • Fund veterinary services for our Good Cat Network foster cats, which are typically special medical case cats and are not healthy enough to fly. They are usually in long-term foster care and are offered for local or direct adoptions only.

We also accept Donor-Advised Fund donations!

As a non-profit, we depend on the support of donors to reach our goals. Our officers do not take salaries- 100% of the proceeds go to our mission. Your generous donation means the difference between life and death for many cats and kittens. We are tremendously grateful for your gift. Mahalo!