Donate to Good Cat Network
Donate Good Cat Network

Good Cat Network is a brand-new non-profit, but our philanthropy has been active for years: most recently, our President Amber Naramore and partner Surf Cat Ranch have taken over 100 very sick cats from a home with population overflow due to lack of spay/neuter/veterinary services.  

What your donation will help us do:

  • Fund large scale spay/neuter clinics to help slow down cat reproduction.
  • Fund veterinary health-checks and purchase vaccinations to prepare cats for flights to our West Coast shelter partners via our Operation Aloha Cat program.
  • Buy more supplies for the Operation Aloha Cat Program such as large dog crates, cargo approved cat carriers, etc.
  • Fund veterinary services for our Good Cat Network Foster cats, which are typically special medical case cats and are not healthy enough to fly. They are usually in long-term foster care and are offered for local adoptions only.

We also accept Donor-Advised Fund donations!

As a non-profit, we depend on the support of donors to reach our goals. Our officers do not take salaries- 100% of the proceeds go to our mission. Your generous donation means the difference between life and death for many cats and kittens. We are tremendously grateful for your gift. Mahalo!